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CPF Aruba - Caribbean Paint Factory Aruba Inc

Since the beginning of 1986 our name has been attached with prestigious buildings in Aruba, the Caribbean and even as far as the Middle East, when it comes to quality paints, decorative coatings or architectural finishes. The quality of our products is being created through unique formulation, state of the art raw materials and an abundance of paint technology. ‘Know how’ which came from the transfer of paint knowledge from four generations in combination with technical & strategic partnerships with the current leaders in the global paint industry.

The philosophy behind our business is stretching the limits in the nature of manufacturing premium decorative coatings & architectural finishes in order to provide the customer with solutions he or she is looking for in our particular field. Custom tailored designs, durable products & innovation are just a few keywords to describe our product lines.
In addition to our own in-house brand called Euro Paints®, CPF also carries Technical License and Trade Mark Agreements with AKZO Nobel, including but not limited to the following brands:

Devoe Coatings
ICI Paints

In 1998 CPF developed a product line called Silica Tec Wall & Ceiling Coatings®, an architectural coatings line which was originally designed for the hotel industry but which nowadays is commonly used in all kinds of commercial and public buildings.
In 2007 CPF further broadened her assortment of products by signing exclusive distributor rights with BASF for the following automotive refinishes brands


ASA - Arubaanse Schilders- en Afwerkingsbedrijf NV

Since 1979 our contract division has been active in the construction sector of Aruba & The Dutch Antilleans. ASA (Arubaanse Schilders- en Afwerkingsbedrijf NV) has participated in over 1000 projects over a time span of 30 years. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the applications of a wide variety of coatings for newly build and renovation projects, such as:

Hotels, condominiums and time share resorts

Shopping malls

Airport Terminals

Middle class and luxury residential homes

Office buildings

Industrial buildings

Retail and restaurants


In combination, CPF and ASA offer the customer the full package when it comes to either decorating or protecting an investment for years to come.

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